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vancouver police

Police say the number of reported hate crimes doubled in April compared to the month before.
He also worked as a school bus driver.
He must abide by certain conditions.
Some are questioning the authenticity of the photo.
So she's sharing an incredible experience she had with a Vancouver police officer.
When my husband answered the phone you gently took over the job of restraining my son...something that no public servant has ever dared to do. We've had teachers and support workers tell us that they're not allowed to touch a child, even when it's a matter of keeping our son safe. But you held him firmly and respectfully, as gently as you could, without a trace of anger or fear on your face. "I have a lot of experience with autistic kids," you told me, and it showed.
Great job, buddy.
"Go back to your f***ing country."
"We are so grateful."
Earlier this week, the "Room" star accompanied his dad to work with the Vancouver police.
This week, we learned that the Toronto Police Service will be ordering C8 carbine semi-automatic assault rifles for front-line police officers. The assault rifles, produced by arms manufacturer Colt Canada for the Canadian Forces, will cost $2,500 each, and will be in patrol cars on the streets of Canada's largest city by May. Toronto becomes only the latest municipality to acquire a weapon described on its website as "battle proven in harsh combat environments."
Mohammed Sharaz said he was travelling to Vancouver with his son and a friend, who are in town getting treatment for vision impairment.
"Police are interested in speaking with them about their activity in the mall," said Sgt. Randy Fincham.
I am sorry to say that no one can promise that you will not face discrimination again as you re-establish yourself in this country. But I know that there will be many of us that will stand with you when it happens. You will be among those fighting to ensure our handling of this humanitarian crisis does not seed future shame and add to the list of times that fear and intolerance guided our actions.
His body was found three days after police issued a public warning.