When we're frazzled and stressed, there's nothing like watching nature to ground you.
Fishermen found the unborn albino shark in a recent catch and turned it over to Indonesian authorities.
Same-sex couple Electra and Viola, a pair of gentoo penguins, are raising their chick at the Oceanogràfic València aquarium in Spain.
The Ohio zoo welcomed a sea lion cub, giraffe calf, two red panda cubs and a baby siamang gibbon in the space of a month.
Scientists say an influenza strain found in the pigs needs to be watched closely.
Many people are now using the incident to propagate anti-Muslim hate. It started with a comment by BJP MP Maneka Gandhi.
Look no further than the COVID-19 pandemic for proof.
A virus that originated in animals has upended life across the globe. But the next deadly pandemic could make this look like “a warmup.”