Craig Aaron

President and CEO, Free Press and the Free Press Action Fund

Craig Aaron is the President & CEO of Free Press and the Free Press Action Fund, which are devoted to changing media and technology policy, promoting the public interest, and strengthening democracy. For more than a decade, he has been a leader in major campaigns to safeguard Net Neutrality, stop media mergers and consolidation, oppose unchecked surveillance, defend public media and sustain quality journalism. He works in Washington and speaks often to the press and the public on media, Internet and journalism issues. His commentaries appear regularly in the The Huffington Post, and he has written for The Daily Beast, The Guardian, The Hill, Politico, The Progressive, the Seattle Times, Slate and many others. He previously worked for Public Citizen's Congress Watch and In These Times magazine. He is the editor of two books, Appeal to Reason: 25 Years In These Times and Changing Media: Public Interest Policies for the Digital Age. Follow him on Twitter @notaaroncraig.