Danielle Parker

TV, radio and print journalist

Danielle Parker has spent more than a decade delivering news and information from various media perspectives. As a respected TV, radio and print journalist, she has reported for major consumer and business publications. Her work has appeared in People, Grammy and Television Week magazines and at radio stations including WNEW-FM, and WLTW (LITE-FM) in New York City. Known best for breaking news stories, Ms. Parker earned the nickname "Scoop" from her colleagues at various media outlets.
She was the first reporter to analyze the show "Survivor" before it's success, predicting that reality television would change the landscape of television. Because of her expertise in determining what the public craves, she was hired as a publicist for Maury Povich and “Judge Judy,” increasing "Maury's" press coverage by 40% within her first six months of employment. She had helped place her clients on the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, The View and other numerous daytime talk shows and publications.

Before coming to NYC in 1996, Danielle wrote and produced for the nationally syndicated entertainment show Hard Copy, covering the OJ Simpson case in it's entirety and breaking stories with fellow reporters and producers. She was a ghost-writer for Saban Entertainment's hit series Power Rangers, and news desk beat reporter for KTTV-TV News in Los Angeles, where she began her career.

Following the still-unsolved murder of her mother, Gail Parker, in Tucson in 1993, Danielle emerged as an articulate spokesperson for victims and their families. She was responsible for singlehandedly changing the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission?s Crime Victim Compensation Program Rules, which has resulted in thousands of “secondary victims” receiving full benefits and assistance by the State. She has spoken about her own case and others on many radio, Internet and television programs, including America's Most Wanted.