Henk Campher

Accidental activist, recovering Twitter junkie, extreme hammocker, trying to figure out what Tequila would do & doing that better world thing. Vice President, Marketing at

Challenge conventional thinking and have fun –- with 20 years of global experience, Henk is known as a disruptive and creative expert in brand and marketing in the social impact space. His philosophy is simple - have fun while changing the world & follow the rules of dating if you want to change behavior AND build your brand. As Vice President of Marketing at, Henk’s has the pleasure of working with one of the most disruptive social enterprises today. He has been bridging the world of nerds (social impact experts) and flirts (brand whizzes) thanks to being part of team Salesforce, leading purpose and brand work at Edelman and Allison + Partners, his time in the UK as an Oxfam campaigner, and his South African roots as an African development worker, trade unionist and creator of the Nelson Mandela initiated Proudly South African campaign. He was named as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior and The Guardian’s Top 15 Sustainable Business Executives on Twitter. Henk is a regular blogger, a frequent speaker at conferences, and a Twitter junkie: @AngryAfrican. He wrote a book once...