John Sculley

Entrepreneur, Former CEO of Apple

Thirty years ago, in the early days of the personal computer revolution, Steve Jobs was creating Macintosh and he wanted the Mac's users to be consumers not IT professionals, because Steve Jobs believed that a
really easy-to-use knowledge worker appliance would change-the-world.

So Steve recruited one of the most celebrated big brand consumer marketers at that time, the person who had lead Pepsi in the US to passing Coca-Cola and becoming the largest selling consumer packaged
goods product in America.

John Sculley built his reputation with "Pepsi Generation" and "Pepsi Challenge,"campaigns known for inventing "lifestyle marketing" and
"experience marketing" where the consumer not the product is the hero.

Steve Jobs wanted Apple to become a super innovative company building
insanely great products.

When John joined Apple in 1983 it was outsold by Atari, Commodore, Tandy, and IBM. 10 years later when John Sculley left Apple the Mac had become the largest selling PC in the world and Apple's revenue has
grown over 1000 percent.

Now John Sculley's mission is the consumerization of health care and
mentoring entrepreneurs who are creating disruptively innovative health care companies.

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