Mike Rowe

Creator and executive producer, 'Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe'

As the creator and executive producer of Discovery Channel’s Emmy-nominated series Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe, Mike has spent years traveling the country, working as an apprentice on over 300 jobs that most people would go out of their way to avoid. From coal miners to roustabouts, maggot farmers to sheep castrators, Mike has shot in all 50 states and has worked in just about every industry, celebrating the hard-working Americans who make civilized life possible for the rest of us. He's extended his work beyond the show with both, where skilled labor and hard work are celebrated in the hope of calling attention to the steady decline in the trades and bolster enrollments in trade schools and technical colleges, and the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, which provides tool stipends and scholarships to those looking to learn a skill or master a trade. The mikeroweWORKS Foundation has just announced a partnership with Scholarship America and funded a $250,000 educational grant to provide scholarships for those looking to finish their education in a skilled trade.

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