Quincy LeNear

Artist, interrupter, advocate, social satirist, filmmaker, personality, writer, and genealogy hobbyist.

Multifaceted artist, Quincy LeNear Gossfield (aka Quincy LeNear) is an award winning filmmaker and TV Producer. He is also a respected actor, spoken word artist, visual artist, and writer. Quincy has been a prominent voice in the LGBTQIA arts community. He is a 2008 GLAAD Award winner and has been noted by the Advocate Magazine as "someone to watch." He and his husband made history after being married on the 56th Annual Grammy Award and were chosen by BET as one of 2015's Black Hollywood Power Couples. In his spare time he is a hobbyist Genealogist by the name of inDNA Jones and runs a FB page called Detangled Star Spangled.