Soli Lazarus

ADHD and Autism Coach, Mentor and Trainer

FREE TRAINING VIDEOS 'HOW TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE WITH A CHILD WITH ADHD' Coming soon.....go to I am an Asst SENCO and fully qualified teacher with some 30 years experience; specialising in Inclusion, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Developmental Delay, Communication and Learning Difficulties, Down’s Syndrome and Dyslexia. I have a senior role in a London mainstream primary school and have attended courses, workshops and run training, workshops and planning sessions. I love the sea, walks in the countryside, the hustle and bustle of London and fill my (limited) spare time gardening, making things, painting and generally creating mess. I am very happily married to Styx (another nickname – another story…) with two grown up children. I also have a very serious passion for Robbie Williams. As an aside, my real name is Suzanne but I was given the nickname Soli (from the French soleil) in my teens for my positive, half-full, sunny outlook on life – hence Yellow Sun! My son had ADHD and so I know what it like to battle and struggle with getting help and support. This is why Yellow Sun was created. Children are generally supported well at school (with many exceptions…)but then they go home and parents are left to cope over long holidays and weekends. Behaviour is challenging and parents are left feeling guilty, overwhelmed and lonely. I can offer much needed practical advice, support and a listening ear. I offer a FREE initial consultation where we can chat for about 40 minutes and come up with a plan to make life at home much happier and calmer. I am the author of the book “Five Reasons Why School Is Rubbish For Your Special Needs Child (And What You Can Do About It)” For more information, contact: