Thomas J. Lauria

Investment professional and author, "The Fall of Telecom"

Thomas Lauria was Institutional Investor Relations Director for AT&T's equipment division. Before that, he was a competitive intelligence manager in AT&T Network Systems’ Atlantic/Canadian region, and its sales and marketing organization. He left the company to become director of telecom research for investment bank ING Barings. He is a registered representative of Trump Securities LLC and Van Rensselaer Management, and is the author of “The Fall of Telecom: A Wall Street Analyst’s True Story of The Telecom Industry” whose foreword was written by CNBC’s Larry Kudlow. He completed his Master of Science (M.S.) and Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) degrees with honors from The Stevens Institute of Technology. He was ranked first in his class in his graduate program and has two U.S. patents in technology. He has attended executive education programs at Columbia University, The Brookings Institution, and George Washington University. He has been a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, and PBS; and has been featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Reuters, and Dow Jones.