Vanessa Thompson

UC Berkeley Environmental Business Analyst

Vanessa Thompson is a UC Berkeley undergraduate studying business analytics and environmental studies. Vanessa is the founder of, a math method she developed to engage artistic students in mathematics. Growing up with a visual disability that prevented her from reading until age ten, she was inspired to create this math strategy. As a storyteller and artist, she writes math problems in the context of stories, to engage students in the concepts. In 2014, StorybookMath received a certificate of Special Recognition from U.S. Congress and the California State Senate for STEM. She spoke at TEDx, Stanford School of Engineering, the X-STEM National Science and Technology Festival and JFK University about her innovative methods to engage artistic students in math. This passion for STEM advocacy led her to work with NASA scientist, Dr. Jonathan Trent, on his NASA biofuel startup, OMEGA Global Initiative. While working with Dr. Trent, she started the OMEGA International Youth Council, which now has college and high school students from seven countries and five times zones working to help OMEGA provide a sustainable tomorrow. Her goal for the future is to use her mathematics and analytics background to work for environmental and social causes. Her drive to mitigate climate change came from her travels to 41 nations before the age of 18. As a world traveler, artist, and mathematician, Vanessa writes about new methods for environmental, educational, minority, and youth activism.

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