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15 Foods We Forbid You To Make Us Smell In The Morning (PHOTOS)

Please, just keep the kimchi sealed until after noon.

Working in an office can be great. There's the free coffee. The bouncing of ideas off your co-workers. The great lunch spots. But there are times when office life is not so awesome. Like at 9:15 am when your desk-mate decides to eat a bowl of instant ramen FOR BREAKFAST.

Instant ramen is not even the most offensive food we've smelled in our office during the early hours of the morning -- it only gets worse. We understand that everyone's food tastes vary, and we love the diversity. Really. But people, there are some things in life that are just wrong. And eating tuna fish at 10 in the morning is one of them.

If you're not bothered by these morning smells, there's a good chance that you're a major olfactory offender in your office. We implore those of you with these tough senses of smell to be considerate to those with the more sensitive ones. Take note of the 15 things everyone around you is praying that you stop eating. At least until lunch. Your co-workers will be forever grateful.

Canned Tuna
Flickr: P.B. Fishery
This is an offense of the highest proportions. In some situations, it's not acceptable at any hour of the day.
Clam Chowder
Flickr: stu_spivack
Why would you even do that??
Flickr: asiansupper
Cabbage is a tough sell any morning. But once you've fermented it you had better not even think about it until noon.
Hot Dogs
Flickr: rob_rob2001
Can't we just please reserve these for baseball games and picnics.
Instant Ramen
Flickr: mdid
It can be so good, and it can be oh so bad.
Barbecue Pulled Pork
Flickr: arnold | inuyaki
What are you thinking?! This is just too much for the delicate hours of the morning.
Chicken Noodle Soup
There's something about nine am and the smell of chicken stock that doesn't go over well.
Flickr: nogrodsmithy
We love pickles. But not this much.
White Zinfandel
Flickr: _Fidelio_
Worst. Morning. Smell. Ever. Because it usually means that its been sitting around overnight, just festering.
Vanilla Buttercream
Flickr: shutterbean
We love sweets as much as the next sugar freak, but we've got limits. We don't want to even think about vanilla extract before we've had our morning cup of coffee.
Onions Cooking
Flickr: Urban Hafner
Just stop. Please.
Food Cart Meat
Flickr: wwward0
There's a big difference between what's okay at 3 am and 9 am. Take note: most street food is NOT OKAY in the morning.
Flickr: mic888
Need we explain?
Warm Strawberries
Flickr: davispuh
It's the smell that happens when you leave strawberries out overnight, in a hot kitchen. They get this overwhelming hot strawberry smell that means they're not quite rotten, but definitely not edible either. Worst smell of any morning.
Flickr: HM Revenue & Customs
Self explanatory.

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