The 7 Best Email Add-Ons For Your Startup

The 7 Best Email Add-Ons For Your Startup
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Add-ons, apps, and everything else are great for busy entrepreneurs. Productivity is all about the strategy, and so installing specialized email apps can help you accomplish a lot. This guide is going to introduce you to some of the best email add-ons for your startup.


Did you ever receive an email and wondered where it really came from?

The Rapportive add-on will make this easy. Now you can find out which of your hot trustworthy leads that email came from because this add-on will automatically pull up your contacts list. It replaces the ads that you normally find in your inbox sidebar. You can even connect it with your different social media accounts so you can pull your contacts from there too.


Controlling and tracking your emails is an essential part of your B2B lead generation campaign. You need to know that someone has actually opened your email. mxHero will allow you to do that by sending you automatic notifications when someone opens your emails.

It goes even further than that, though. This clever way to improve your digital marketing strategy will also tell you whether someone has opened or downloaded an attachment or clicked on a link. And when 53% of users open emails on their mobile phones, you can continue to track these users as well.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) relates to everything from controlling your online reputation to understanding what your target audience wants. This built-in CRM extension will allow you to carry out a range of tasks, including managing sales, dealing with customer support, and scheduling emails.

What makes this such good value for money is the fact that it's completely free to use. It won't cost you a single cent.


Today, business collaboration is the big trend. You must be collaborative if you are going to continue to be successful. CloudMagic will integrate all of your cloud-based software with your email provider. Now you can use software options like Evernote and Salesforce with your email inbox.

You can access these tools without needing to leave your email inbox. And you can even integrate cloud storage websites, such as Instagram, with any and all mobile devices.

Gmail Offline

If you are a fan of Gmail, this is the add-on for you. Gmail offline enables you to synchronize your email inbox with your mobile device or computer. Entrepreneurs who are on the go will no longer need to use their mobile data or Wi-Fi in order to read through their emails.

You can reply to emails offline, so as soon as your device connects to some sort of Wi-Fi connection again it will automatically send the reply without any prompting from you.


The email signature is a part of the email that so many people forget about. It's one of the most important parts of any email. But you need to make sure that it ticks all the right boxes or you could leave the wrong impression.

WiseStamp will allow you to depart from the same dull email signatures that you are used to. You can take parts of your website, images from your company social media profiles, and links to important updates in order to integrate them with your signature.

You can even integrate Google Analytics with your email signature, so you can monitor whether someone is clicking on the content you have there.

Followup Then

As an entrepreneur, the chances are you send hundreds of emails every single day. This extension will tell you each time when you need to start following up on your emails. You can easily schedule emails for the future, so your leads never grow cold.

When leads grow cold, you are leaving money on the table. And that applies not just to you but to your coworkers. You can send out email reminders to your coworkers to do the same. This makes it easy for you to manage your entire team without hounding them all the time.

Integration is the Key

As you can see, every email add-on on this page is designed with integration in mind, which is a big company practice you must adopt. Full integration will enable you to control most of your sales processes from the comfort of your email inbox. This will improve your productivity and your efficiency.

The best part is the majority of these add-ons are completely free to use. You have no need to worry about these innovations costing you a lot of money, making them accessible for even smaller companies.

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