10 Fun Ways to Rock Your Kids' World

10 Fun Ways to Rock Your Kids' World
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With so many things competing for kids’ attention today, and some many new innovations appearing on a running basis, it’s getting harder and harder to impress children. Thankfully, as a quick scan of the parenting scene reveals, the world is still filled with amazing new things you can leverage to get their attention. From high-tech adventures (try the VR classes!) to low-tech ways to entertain (you’d be amazed how much a grade-schooler can enjoy a good cooking class), numerous options for education and entertainment abound, according to the editors at SELECT: Your City's Secrets Unlocked. Following are 10 great options to try if you’re looking to connect with kids, and stave off boredom.

Summer Music Fests - If you’re planning on attending a major music festival like Lollapalooza or Pickathon, the good news is that most long-running events offer a kid-friendly area. These venues also often provide a variety of activities for kids including arts-and-crafts programs and kid-friendly music acts to take in – as well as shaded areas and free water for the little nippers. All can provide entertainment, and a nice rest spot for the fam while you to jam out during your favorite artist’s 90-minute set.

Virtual Reality Camps - Summer camps are often known for fun-in-the-sun activities for kids, but many tech camps are now introducing fun alternatives such as computer programming classes, instructional game development segments, and VR courses. As an example, some STEM courses offer either game design or rich VR experiences to take in that can help broaden kids’ horizons. Increasingly growing in popularity, you’ll find a good range of classes available – especially in coastal states. Better yet, some programs offer courses for adults, too.

Trampoline Parks - More and more indoor trampoline parks are popping up around the country, and providing fun and active escapes for kids. These venues also provide great workouts and can help children burn off excess energy. Such destinations are also fun for adults, and there’s no shame in wanting to jump your heart out. Most parks offer dual membership and party discounts like Urban Air Trampoline Park. If you’re in the mood to be active, don’t hesitate to make the leap.

Family Cooking Classes - If your kids love cooking with you, but you hate cleaning up the mess, then consider trying family cooking class. Classes typically run for two to three hours and offer a variety of menu options. Options are available suited to every level of expertise, and you can register for a one-off course or regular programs to create a long-lasting interest for your kids.

Create Toy Art - Have some Hot Wheel cars from your kid’s old toy collection lying around? Pinterest is filled with creative, alternative methods to use those old Matchbox vehicles in interesting art projects ranging from mirror frames, wall décor, or colorful palettes. You can also use whatever cars are left over from the project to create quick, small works of art, using the toy wheels as paintbrushes.

The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum - Ted Geisel – the man who under his pen name of Dr. Seuss created some of the most memorable works of children’s literature – is getting immortalized with a permanent museum. Located in his hometown, and presented in bilingual format for your enjoyment, its collections will feature exclusive items like the author’s personal collection of paintings, bow ties and hats.

Fidget Spinner Tricks - The fidget spinner craze took America by storm this spring, spawning hundreds of YouTube videos dedicated to tricks. The best trick comes from a dad who shot a water hose through the spinner to create a rainbow. It doesn’t require skill or expertise, but it guarantees lots of fun. And, as you can see in the video, it’s a great way to please and delight tots.

Throw a Murder Mystery Party - Murder mysteries are becoming a big trend for adults looking for a different way to spend a weekend evening. But that doesn’t mean kids can’t have fun solving the mystery as well. Night of Mystery sells various types of themed murder mystery programs, including a Queen murder mystery and an ‘80s prom night with a detailed breakdown on what you need to do to run an amazing show. Costumes and characters are strongly encouraged. Just don’t forget to pack snacks.

Baseball Tours - If sports are your thing and you’ve always wanted to tour baseball stadiums across the country, then don’t plan a solo outing. Instead, consider using Jay Buckley tours. The baseball stadium tour provider saves you thousands and takes you from coast-to-coast and even through Canada for a stop in Toronto. Hotel accommodations are included in these tours, which pair you with fans just like yourself, and welcome children of all ages.

Rage Rooms - A rage room allows customers to smash old printers, cups, and vases with a blunt object, while wearing protective gear, for a small fee. Initially conceived by a teenager, rage rooms let you release any pent up anger in a safe setting, while hurting no one or any (useful) item. It’s an unusual pastime, but provides a great way to blow off steam for any angst-filled teen looking for a constructive outlet.

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