18 Reasons To Create Legacy Now

18 Reasons To Create Legacy Now
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What changes when you view your own legacy as something you have the power to create and curate?

In a word, EVERYTHING!

Leading with legacy is an impactful shift in perspective that requires 3 things from you that are at the core of all transformation. Awareness. Creativity. Action. Traditionally, you may understand legacy as the footprint that you leave behind after you are gone. Leading with legacy challenges you to reframe legacy in the present tense. The possibilities for success are now limitless.

When your view of legacy shifts to one that you can control and direct, this empowering thought changes everything. Suddenly you have permission to allow resourcefulness, originality and inspiration into your life. Your point of view expands because your perspectives do. Everyday becomes a new venue for renewal, expansion, insight and contribution. Creating legacy in your life today is rich in rewards, turning up the volume on self-esteem and personal challenge and directing your next steps based on decision, passion and the ability to harness your own evolution.

Are you ready to be a legend in your own life?

Here are the benefits:

· Exploration of the unknown-which allows for transformation

· Personal and professional challenge

· Lead, mentor and guide…which begins with leading YOU

· Adds purpose and inspiration to daily life

· Choice

· Stay grounded in the moment…this is all about NOW

· Harness ALL your skills…expand upon your existing toolset

· Balance your relationship to and in all aspects of life

· Take on risk

· Give up controlling outcomes in order to live and experience today

· Continuous loop of learning

· Fear “less” through mindfully doing more and eliminating self-doubt

· Have a voice and utilize it

· Be memorable by intention

· Freedom to play with possibilities and outcomes

· More energy and fulfillment

· Confidence and trust in the process to your goals and in yourself

· Growth, growth, growth

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