18 Things To Let Go Of In 2018

I don't know about you but I finished 2017 feeling happy but absolutely exhausted. It was a positive and fulfilling year but I just tried to do too much.

Part of it was trying to make the most of every day and part was in setting up my own business. I just did too much.

I've learned my lesson (I hope) and there are a few things I will be letting go of in 2018. My hope is to do less of the things that don't serve a purpose or enrich our lives. That way, I will have more time, effort and energy to focus on the things that do count.

Do you want to join me?

Here are 18 things to let go of in 2018:

1. Saying Yes to too much

Last year I said Yes to too much - mainly work-wise. I agreed to projects and work that I loved to do but probably didn't have the time for.

It's so hard isn't it though, to say No? I think it helps to have boundaries or rules about the things you will say Yes to.

Try to only say Yes to the things that serve a real purpose. Time and energy is finite and we can only do so much with both. Make it count.

2. Fear

This is a hard one. Fear clouded many of my thoughts last year. Fear of failure in making my business a success and fear of my cancer returning.

I can't imagine a day where I won't have some level of fear for both but I really want to spend more time this year focusing on what I have, not what might happen.

Fear is debilitating - it stops us from reaching our full potential and it certainly stops me from enjoying the moment I'm already in.

Try to spend more time thinking about, and talking about, the great things you already have in your life.

3. Clutter

Stuff - so much stuff. Over the past couple of years I've slowly been reducing the amount of clutter we have in our home. It's a work in progress but a project I will complete this year.

A home that is cluttered can create internal stresses as well as make living day to day more difficult than it needs to be. Marie Kondo, who wrote the Life Changing Magic of Tidying, recommends going through your home in categories. Then holding every item you own in your hand and asking yourself if it "sparks joy".

If it no longer does, discard it. Thank it for it's memories and the service it has given you and let it go.

4. Online Clutter

It isn't only the physical stuff that can weigh us down though - our online life can get overly cluttered too.

If your inbox is over-flowing, your smartphone busy with unused apps or your desktop in a mess, it's time for a spring clean! Sign up for my free 3 day challenge here to declutter your digital life.

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