$2 Subway Sandwiches To Undercut $5 Footlongs For Month Of December

Subway is already known for the low prices it charges for some big meals. Its $5 Footlong promotion, launched in 2008, has been a huge draw throughout the value-friendly past three years.

But this month, Subway is launching what may be its most serious discount ever. For all of December, the chain is selling six-inch subs for just $2. That means that Subway is now selling an entire foot of sandwich for as little as $4. Only two varieties of the half-footers -- meatball and cold cuts -- are subject to the promotion, but they're both popular picks.

Prognosticators have said predicted big things for the deal. Consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow told USA Today, "It's a magical price point... What it communicates to consumers is that Subway is on their side."

Even Gawker couldn't muster much vitriol for this latest move. Blogger Hamilton Nolan writes: "Only two dollars?? Subway is on my side! We apologize for this unabashed consumerist enthusiasm, and now return to your regularly scheduled reflexive loathing!"

A six-inch meatball sub has 480 calories, according to the Subway website. That means that the new deal serves up a whopping 240 calories per dollar, putting it neck-and-neck with the KFC, which DailyFinance found was the cheapest source for calories in a great piece from October.

It should be noted, though, that this actually isn't the first time Subway has sold its subs for $2. The company has been experimenting with limited-market Customer Appreciation Months, during which they sell the same two subs for $2, for several years now. But this is the first time the deal has gone nationwide.

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