3 Must Use Tools For Entrepreneurs Doing Under Six-Figures


If you read that article that I did called Entrepreneur, don't make this hard. You'll totally get this quick insight I am going to share with you about tools. These three areas are the most frequent areas that I see Entrepreneurs struggle unnecessarily. They make it hard either because they won't invest, or because they invest it the wrong one. The Funny thing is, half of the time the investment is not money, it's just time. Time to learn, test, and then apply.

Here are the three areas that entrepreneurs tend to make harder than they need to. The result is they either ignore this part of their business, or they do a poor job.

Social Media:

Buffer ( beginner) & Hootsuite ( advanced).

Either of these two is a must.

They make it easy for you to build your following, your brand, and your community with the content of your own OR, more importantly, the content of others at no cost. Both of these options have a paid version that you can use as your business begins to grow and yes, you can upgrade when the times is right. For now, however, the free version is going to work just fine.

Project Management:

Trello: You have to keep everything in one place somewhere. Like your ideas, to do's and projects. Yes, boards are great, but virtually boards are even better. They are cleaner easier to update, and they move with you wherever you go. The best part about them is that you can see everything at a glance in a clear and clean way. I love this. My favorite for sure here
is Trello. It is free & it is awesome. There is a slight learning curve for it, BUT once you get it, you soar.


Pipedrive: This is sales management tool or better referred to as a CRM. There is a 30-day trial and then it turns into a 12 dollar a month expense. Let me tell you this is one the best $12.00 you will ever spend. I recommend it for entrepreneurs because it simply has the sexiest user interface. What I know for sure by having managed many sales reps in the last decade and being an entrepreneur myself is that if it's not easy to ready and intuitive, then you are not going to adopt it. Let's face it. It's easier to keep your prospects in your head or on a random sheet paper. I believe that if you keep your sales in front of you every step of the way in your business, then you will win. This is the number one ignored area in business. Thier pipeline. We will always look at the result of our activity and how much money is in the back. But reluctant to see what's actually in the pipeline to feed us ahead.

You can read about other key strategies for your business on my site. www.tiffanylargie.com