4 Steps to a Great Personal Brand

We all think of brands and branding when it comes to companies and logos, but how often do you think about your own personal brand? We all have one. Yet most of us don't realize that our very own personal brand is the impression and impact we make every day on others, regardless of what company, organization, product or service we may represent.

A Brand is the emotional promise of an experience.

"What do people experience when they come in contact with you?"

"What is the experience you create?"

'What's the present you offer others?"

"What do others take away with them after meeting you or talking to you?"

Your personal brand is about the impact you make on others.

"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room." - Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

Just like anything else in life that you want to get good at, you have to train for it and prepare for it. We train for many things -- sports, technical skills or business acumen -- but how much time do you invest to insure you are creating a positive impact on others? It is something you have to do consciously, practice and then ask for feedback. It's probably not going to be a comfortable process either. Growth and expansion is never comfortable.

How Do You Think and Feel About Yourself Is What You Project Outwardly to Others and How You Execute.

If you don't feel something (courageous, happy, compassionate, etc.) on the inside, there is no way you can be conveying those feelings to someone else.

Branding is the manifestation of what's happening on the inside (your thinking, your emotions, your beliefs...positive or negative) that shows up externally. We are always delivering something to the people we come in contact with. So, time to get dive into knowing what personal brand you want and get to work on creating it from the inside out.

Four steps to create a great personal brand:

1.) What is my desired impact (think benefit)?
2.) What is different about someone else because they came across me?
3.) What is it that I deliver outwardly?
4.) Ask trusted friends or colleagues (your tribe, the ones that will be honest with you) what they take away as your personal brand -- the benefit and impact you bring.

If you want a strong brand on the inside, start considering: who you spend time with, how you execute, how you feel about yourself. If you don't like it, change it! Re-invent your personal brand.

Challenge yourself, dig deep, get uncomfortable and own what you don't like and consciously change the inside to create a great personal brand on the outside. It effects every aspect of your life and every relationship you have, both business and personal.
How You Look + How You Speak + How You Act = Your Personal Brand