4 Ways Your Business Would Benefit From an Open Concept Office

4 Ways Your Business Would Benefit From an Open Concept Office
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The concept of the open office first emerged in the 1950s and was initially designed to simply cram as many workers in a small space as possible. But by the 21st century, the open concept plan in offices exploded in popularity and came with surprising benefits that led numerous, huge companies to adopt the open concept layout. Recently, some have claimed that the era of the open concept has died and that companies and employees alike have become disenchanted with the style. Even before its supposed death, journalists had begun to claim that the layout was outdated and ineffective. However, proponents of this mindset seem to have forgotten or neglected the many benefits that an open concept office still provides.

Reduced Costs While the employee is and should be the primary benefactor of the open concept office, there are financial advantages as well. Everything from office building supplies to commercial apartment loans Is drastically reduced through the adoption of an open concept workspace. This kind of drastic cost cutting gives your business more financial freedom and flexibility, giving your business the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities it might otherwise have had to pass up.

Improved Teamwork and Mentorship Open concept office plans have come a long way since the 1950s when businesses typically opted for the design simply out of financial interest. Today, open concept office plans are centered around the success and fulfillment of the employees. They encourage openness and fluidity between employees and send a message of equality and mutual respect in the employee-employer relationship. Open concept offices give employees a unique opportunity to mentor employees in a positive, open-minded way. Everything from job satisfaction to work ethic improves immensely when people feel as though they are working as part of a team. Many up and coming online businesses attribute their success to the collaborative environment they create for their employees, and the open concept office is the first step in that direction.

Increased Productivity The teamwork mentality that the open concept office instills leads to increased productivity among employees. It works much in the same way that jogging with a friend does; the presence of a peer provides a healthy competitive edge that encourages productivity and hard work. However, the open concept is not just about inter-employee motivation. Productivity emerges as a result of the combination of motivation, teamwork, and open-mindedness. When employees feel both motivated and valued, productivity skyrockets. Open concept offices are the perfect environment for this productivity-boosting combination, helping your business run better and more efficiently.

Improved Employee Creativity One of the most undervalued qualities of a successful business is creativity. Closed cubicles and private offices can be damaging to creativity because they minimize communication and reduce motivation. Open concept offices provide an environment in which creativity is naturally encouraged. Creativity among employees not only improves work satisfaction, it also benefits the business by keeping things fresh and challenging, factors that are necessary in the process of progress and success in the business world.

If your business is in a fast paced and dynamic industry, it’s essential that your offices enhance employees productivity. While open concept offices have a bad reputation in some ways, when effectively designed there can be massive advantages to your company as a whole.

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