6 Bad Qualities That Make For Good Entrepreneurs

6 Bad Qualities That Make For Good Entrepreneurs
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The life of an entrepreneur is different on many levels. We go through a unique set of challenges and need to develop certain habits that others may find ‘poor’. However, these ‘bad’ habits are generally beneficial for our careers. But trying to explain this to others is a Herculean task.

Here are bad qualities that make for good entrepreneurs:

1. Being Overcritical

Do you hate your boss for criticizing your work? According to Rafael Sarria, a successful entrepreneur, “Employees do not always understand why managers or entrepreneurs have to be overcritical. It’s always for the business. We have to analyze everything so deep to be sure that we provide what we have promised. Since reputations are on the line, one cannot afford to compromise.”

Being overcritical has its own benefits. While it may demotivate employees initially, in the long-run it helps them improve their skills and understand company’s goals in a better way. Sarria adds, “But make sure criticism is always constructive. Tell your employees why they are wrong and how to improve their work. Do not just diss them.”

2. Being Overconfidence

They say overconfidence is a killer, but talk to any successful entrepreneur and they’ll tell you how being overconfident has helped them on several occasions. According to a report published under Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, being overconfidence has several social benefits as well.

From business perspective, it is all about having faith in your idea. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of your concept, if you think it has potential, you should give it a try. Imagine where Apple would’ve been had Steve Jobs listened to naysayers.

3. Getting Angry

Most of us grow up thinking that losing our temper is a no-no, and the ultimate faux pas. While, it may be true to a certain degree, since no body wishes to hang out with an individual with little to no tolerance, keeping all your anger inside is not a very wise idea, especially for entrepreneurs.

There are several benefits of doing so. Firstly, it is a way to reduce stress. It is not good to accumulate anger, you should take steps to vent it out. Passing out your anger has several mental and physical advantages. Plus, a study found that those who bottle up their anger run a higher risk of heart diseases.

However, what’s important is to make sure that you never cross the line. Shouting or getting physical is not an option. There are several ways to vent out your anger. One of the best options is to work out regularly. You can use the anger to make your workouts more intense and enjoy other benefits too.

4. Complaining Regularly

Do not be the person who is unable to please, but make sure to complain when you think there is a need to. While complaining or cribbing is generally looked at as a negative quality to have, the fact is that entrepreneurs need to call a spade a spade since they cannot take unnecessary risks.

Plus, complaining when required has several medical benefits as well, as per a study by James Pennebaker, a psychologist working at the University of Texas. Complain knowing that it is going to benefit you. While it is important to be positive in life, research suggests that it is more important to be realistic.

5. Being Messy

It is important to be in control of the situation, but not necessarily to be in control of your table. Messy habits are actually connected to greater creativity, and those with messy habits are said to be 36% more efficient than their neatnik cousins. Entrepreneurs do not have the time to clear their desk. Since time is money, the amount wasted in such tasks can be utilized elsewhere. However, it does not mean that one should not be disciplined or cause unnecessary mess.

6. Sleeping Late

While being a perfectionist and sleeping early is considered a good thing, there is scientific evidence that individuals who sleep late are more intelligent and creative than individuals who believe in the age old ‘early to bed, early to rise make make a man healthy wealthy and wise’ phenomenon. In addition to this, night owls are said to have physical advantage as well. They tend to be more active during the day and have more energy. Even President Obama has confessed to sleeping late for similar reasons.

However, keep in mind that sleeping late does not mean wasting your morning and sleeping all day. Reports suggest that six hours of sleep is enough and it is important to wake up early.

There it is. These are six bad habits that you should not give up, even if the world asks you to. However, remember that extreme of anything can be bad, so always keep these habits under control and strive for success.

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