6 Business Lessons Courtesy of Adele

adele at the 54th annual grammy ...
adele at the 54th annual grammy ...

Yes, THAT Adele.

As you're probably well aware, this girl is EVERYWHERE right now. Whether it's silly skits on Jimmy Fallon or that damn "Hello" on the radio non-stop, you just can't get away from her, am I right?

Here are six key things that Adele is doing to promote her new album and specific lessons you can take away and apply to your own business:

1. Her free single aligns beautifully with the album she wants you to buy. She's certainly not putting out a rap single as a way of selling a soulful album, right? She's giving her audience a sneak peek of what's to come because if they're a fan of the single, there's a good chance they'll want to buy the rest of the songs.

YOUR LESSON: What you put out there in terms of free content has to align well with what you're selling. If they're a fan of the free stuff, there's a higher likelihood, they'll be interested in the paid offering.

2. All of her energy is behind one effort right now -- promoting her new album. She's not selling one thing today, and another tomorrow.

YOUR LESSON: Promote one thing at a time and go ALL IN with your efforts. Trying to sell one program this day and another course that day is messy and it confuses people. What do confused people buy? NADA.

3. For the past month, or probably longer, she has been everywhere, doing everything under the sun to build hype and bring attention to what she's offering.

YOUR LESSON: Promoting anything takes time, even for someone as well known as she is. Don't assume that you can announce something and it will sell out immediately. Build anticipation and spend time consistently marketing what you have to offer, especially because many don't buy after hearing about something only once.

4. She's not doing it all on her own. She's "partnering" and showing up places like Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live -- entities with big audiences that she can get in front of.

YOUR LESSON: You don't have to be a one woman show. Consider guest blogging, collaborating with others, making appearances on podcasts, co-hosting webinars, etc. as a way to promote and build your audience. Don't be afraid to reach out to others and make connections that get you in front of more of the right people.

5. She's not playing small. Again, she is everywhere. Not just putting up an album and hoping it sells.

YOUR LESSON: Want to make money in your business? It's time to go big or go home. Creating a website or sales page is NOT enough to make things happen. You have to be out there, day in and day out, building your list, establishing relationships and growing your audience so that people begin to know, like and trust you. That's when the sales happen.

6. I'd be willing to put money on the fact that "Hello" is going to be one of the best songs on that album. What she's giving you for free is some of her best work, not crap just because it's free.

YOUR LESSON: Hearing an amazing song only makes you want to hear that album more, not less, right? Use that same logic when it comes to what you're putting out there and don't afraid to give away your best work.

So now with those lessons, how can you look at that one thing that you really want to launch right now, and mirror her campaign?

And before you say, "she has millions of dollars and a record label behind her", remember that she also has to sell millions to be considered successful. You likely don't. Consider how you can take these lessons, and scale the efforts so that it makes sense for what you're setting out to accomplish.