6 YA Witch Books to Read This Halloween

Witches and Halloween are two of my favorite things. So it's no surprise that my upcoming debut novel Hollywood Witch Hunter is full of witches, powerful spells and even a special nod to All Hallows' Eve.

Literally, I'm obsessed with witchy women, and it seems I'm not alone. From Disney characters to the Wizard of Oz, to many of our favorite fairytales, witches have definitely cast a spell over pop culture, and it's evident their magic is here to stay.

Every October I head to my bookshelf, dust off some of my favorite witch novels, cozy up with some coffee and reacquaint myself with these fantastical stories as the scariest holiday of the year approaches. Why? Because nothing makes me happier than diving into a book about strong, magical, powerful women - and all the witches in these 6 YA novels fit the bill.

Whether you're a fan of the "casters" found in Beautiful Creatures, or a witch in a modern fairy tale like Spellbound, this list has something for everyone and is sure to satisfy all your spooky needs this fall.

So in honor of Halloween, here are 6 young adult witch books to read this October, and I spoke with each author to get the scoop on why they decided to write about witches.

6 YA Witch Books to Read This Halloween
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