7 Infographic Directories Every Marketer Should Use

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I’m not gonna lie... I’ve always loved infographics. I think this is probably because I’ve never been a big fan of reading long books and user guides — but at the same time, I do love stats and data. I’ve always been more of a visual and hands on learner. When I first started seeing how infographics were gaining momentum a few years ago, I knew it was an area that I wanted to be involved in and even started to create a few of my own.

As I started to learn more about creating infographics and how to focus them towards my niche audience, I also started to learn about the best ways to promote them online as well. Since millions of sites are creating content daily, it simply isn’t enough to just put infographics out there and hope for the best. I actually learned this the hard way through my first couple of designs.

I was even featured as a branding expert on InfographicDesignTeam.com to share my expertise on how to effectively create and promote infographics. Be sure to check out the full list from other experts, as my methods aren’t the only ones that are working!

Through these methods I really got to see my infographics start to go viral and pick up social shares and backlinks once I started to use infographic directories. Most of them were free and it only took a few minutes to submit my design to each of them manually.

To help with your infographic outreach, I compiled a list of seven great infographic directories I still use today.

Free Infographic Directories You Should Start Using Today

1 – Visual.ly

Create, submit and analyze infographics from across the internet. Visual.ly is one of the largest infographic resources on the internet today. Create an account to submit infographics to their site.

Slideshare was acquired by LinkedIn, who was then acquired by Microsoft. Not only is Slideshare known for presentations and slides, it’s also a great resource for infographics as well. If you are having trouble with adding your infographic to their site, simply convert it into a PDF.

Mashable is one of the largest news and media resource sites on the internet. It should be no surprise that they have an infographic section to their site as well. It’s not easy to get your infographic featured on their site, but if it’s high quality and relevant, you might just get lucky!

is Reddit. To go along with all of the useful resources and sites listed off their user-generated content, they also have a section of their site dedicated to infographics as well. To submit an infographic of your own, simply head click the link above.

Some of the best infographic directories are ones that simply feature a new infographic on a daily basis. That is exactly what you will find at MarketingInfographics.org. In addition to featuring new marketing and business related infographics, they will also do a nice write up to go with your infographic as well. Use the contact page to submit an infographic of your own.

Another great infographic site to add to your marketing and outreach efforts is Cool Infographics. The site receives an average of 7,000 visitors per day, all of which are looking for the latest and greatest in infographics. To submit an infographic to their site, simply refer to their contact page, but make sure you

To go along with the two referenced infographic content sites above, I’ll finish off this list with one more of my favorites. Daily Infographic features a new infographic to their site each day. With only one infographic being featured, it’s quite an honor to make the list! To see if your infographic has what it takes, click on the “Work with Us” section of their site and fill out your personal information and infographic details.

How to Find the Most Success with Infographic Directories

As you can imagine, many of these sites get hundreds of submissions daily. To increase your chances for finding success, be sure to follow these quick guidelines.

  1. Have a clean and professional looking infographic.
  2. Make sure all of your infographic details are correct.
  3. Follow all of the requested guidelines on each site.

It’s a quick and clean list, but make sure to follow it. Infographics are amazing and if you put in the time and effort to promote them after going live, you will see your ROI and engagement go through the roof!

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