7 Ways to Collaborate with Other Bloggers

7 Ways to Collaborate with Other Bloggers
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Collaboration with other bloggers creates professional relationships you can use to achieve your goals. A massive 80% of executives from Fortune 500 companies believe social collaboration is key. Whether you need to reach a new audience or add a fresh voice to your website, collaborating with other bloggers is always a good option. A lack of good connections can be dangerous to your business.

Connecting with other people in your line of work can happen in a number of ways. In this guide, you are going to learn about some of the ways you can collaborate with other bloggers.

Mastermind Groups

A mastermind is a closed group where bloggers
. It doesn't have to be exclusive for bloggers. It could include professionals in that field. Mastermind groups not only provide you with the perfect background to acquire knowledge, but they provide the ideal place to connect with bloggers.

It's also a fantastic place to get ideas for new and exciting content.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the main way bloggers may decide to collaborate with each other. It may be a trade, where they post on your website and you post on their website. Alternatively, you may pay another blogger for their services on your website.

While this has lost its SEO benefits, it's still good enough to enhance the user experience. Avoid thinking about guest posting in terms of SEO and start thinking about it in terms of how you can add something interesting for your audience.

Group Projects

Another group activity is to
. For example, a group of bloggers may get together to produce a chapter of an eBook. Each blogger produces a piece of unique content and an editor fits it all together. All involved bloggers will then promote the publication on their website.
This can work with several bloggers all sending traffic to each other. And the best part is this can work in any industry.


Ask a question in a Facebook group relating to a specific niche. You'll be surprised at how many bloggers take the time to respond. This is an indirect way of
because not only are you asking questions your readers may ask you are answering them through the words of trusted bloggers.

It also happens that bloggers love to share these posts because they are both helpful and self-promotional.

Group Pinterest Boards

Pinterest isn't a
. But for bloggers, it's an essential resource. Create your own group board to begin sourcing and sharing images on. From a practical standpoint, this is a great way to create a bank of images you can use on your posts.

Gather together a few bloggers in similar niches. Make the group board and create a pinning rotation. When it's your turn, make sure the description is rich with keywords.

Make a List Post with Your Favorite Bloggers

Again, readers adore these posts because it's you introducing them to people you trust. They may be able to expand their knowledge and read in a niche they hadn't considered before. The list post is just you telling people about the bloggers you like.

Some of these bloggers may even catch wind of your post and connect with you, as a result. You are placing yourself in a great position to make friends because you are giving the gift of publicity without any expectation of a return.

Link Party

What is a link party you ask?

This is where a team of bloggers share each other's work through all available platforms. It can multiply exposure many times over and lead to you introducing others to brand new audiences while they do the same for you.

Take note that this isn't an SEO move because Google has heavily hammered backlinking. Instead, it's a way to garner a new audience through social media channels and through the sites of your fellow bloggers. It can allow lots of small bloggers to bring together their collective exposure to accomplish big things.

Relationships are not Born Overnight

Creating solid relationships between bloggers isn't something that can be accomplished quickly. It requires trust between two parties. They don't want to associate themselves with someone who is any less honorable than themselves. Trust is hard to get in blogging and nobody wants to compromise that by associating with the wrong people.

Keep working away and after a few collaborations together you will soon have a professional network you crave.

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