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Mother Claims To Inject 8-Year-Old With Botox, Perform Monthly 'Virgin Waxes'

Today in beauty fact or fiction, The Sun sits down with eight-year-old Britney Campbell of San Francisco, whose mother Kerry claims she is already injecting the child with Botox so that she'll "become a star."

Britney explains to the tabloid, "My friends think it's cool I have all the treatments and they want to be like me. I check every night for wrinkles, when I see some I want more injections. They used to hurt, but now I don't cry that much."

Don't worry: Kerry, a licensed beautician, buys all of the substances online and tests them beforehand on herself to ensure they're safe. She insists that tween Botox is becoming a trend on the beauty pageant circuit and she doesn't want her daughter to be at a disadvantage.

But it doesn't stop there -- Kerry reveals that Britney "also has her virgin wax monthly, which gets rid of her fluffy leg hair and makes sure she wont develop pubic hair in the future." Now, that's an all-new, screwed up level, if we do say so ourselves.

While we certainly hope that this article is the work of an imaginative reporter (also responsible for such pieces as "I'm so desperate for a baby I grab strangers for sex on nights when I am most fertile," and, "I use my breast milk for cooking,") perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to make assumptions about what's going on behind closed doors -- or on TV sets, for that matter. On a fairly recent episode of "Toddlers & Tiaras," a mom forced her 5-year-old to get her eyebrows waxed while she trembled and wailed in the salon chair.

And as Kerry tells The Sun, "More mothers should do it for their daughters." They already do, and that's the issue.