9 Amazing Places to Find Skilled Developers

A good software developer is difficult to find, especially for growing businesses with limited budgets. I've been fighting the battle for the past year as I've been hiring several developers for my startup Due. Recruiting top talent away from the big dogs can be challenging for a small company, especially if larger businesses can offer higher wages and better benefits. But whether you're searching for project-based or full-time programmers, these nine sites that can help in your search.


Big-name companies like Airbnb and ZenDesk use
for a reason. The site delivers results. Less than three percent of freelance developers who apply to the site are accepted, creating a top-quality pool of workers. Applicants are screened based on communication skills, problem-solving abilities, technical skills, and more, with all developers required to maintain a record of excellence to remain on the site.


has become one of the most popular ways for businesses to recruit talent. You can search the site for people holding the title you need and look for common connections. You could also try networking through some of the site's many groups dedicated to career specialists.


It may require some filtering, but
has an enormous pool of freelancing professionals, all eager to work. Post a detailed description of your project and the work you need and developers will offer proposals for your review. Before making a selection, you can browse applicants' past projects and read reviews from other Elance members.

College Recruiter

One of the best ways to win talent away from the competition is to catch workers as they prepare to exit college.
works to connect businesses with ten million students and seven million recent graduates. Prices to post jobs start at $95 for one posting, which will remain on the site for 30 days.


If you want the best developers, you should go where they often hang out.
is a community designed to allow programmers to ask questions and get answers to the most perplexing issues they face each day. In its Top Users section, recruiters can identify the top community users and learn more about their skills.


While it has a smaller user base than Elance,
tends toward the more professional end of things. The process is similar to Elance's but the bids are often higher, with fewer outsource worker options.

WP Hired

If your development involves WordPress, try one of the WordPress-specific job sites now available.
is one of the most popular of the group. Simply fill out the form detailing what you want and the site's members will see it when they search. The site also sends out a newsletter each week with job opportunities.

Smashing Jobs

Dedicated specifically to jobs in design and programming,
is featured on Smashing Magazine, one of the most successful magazines for creative professionals. While each job posting will cost at least $75, you'll have a level of exposure you wouldn't have achieved at other sites.


You may think of it as an online classified advertising service, but
is a great resource for finding local talent. You might have to spend extra time sorting through resumes, but the price is less expensive than other sites, with postings starting at $25.

If your business is tasked with finding a talented developer, there are many resources from which to choose. Review the offerings at each site, along with price, and find the one most likely to connect you with the developer you need.