A Bold Move

A Bold Move
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Freeform has been at the forefront of providing LGBT rep and positive LGBT rep at that with television programs like Pretty Little Liars, Stitchers and The Fosters. With their new show The Bold Type the network has continued to promote representation and push boundaries in as many ways as it can. They have kept their characters from falling into traps and tropes that have long plagued LGBT characters on television. The Bold Type shows the power and positivity that representation done right, a wider range of diversity and storylines rooted in the reflection of reality can have a massive effect.

The Bold Type takes the archetype of your stereotypical magazine publishing company and flips your preconceived perspective. We meet three young women in different positions at Scarlet, Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy) works as an assistant to an Editor, Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) who is the social media manager and Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens) who is a reporter. Through their jobs viewers get to focus on the characters' relationships romantically, personally and professionally. One of the most beautiful relationships that the series has explored this season is between Kat and Adena El Amin (Nikohl Boosheri), a photographer that Scarlet is interested in doing a feature on who totally takes Kat by surprise in more than one way.

The slow burn of the Kadena (Kat and Adena) coupling has been truly a pleasure to watch. You could instantly see that they were drawn to each other even though they are seemingly opposites. As the two begin to spend time together the electric chemistry and connection has become extremely evident. At first Kat denied her attraction to Adena trying to convince herself she is only heterosexual, but then she begins to question her sexuality in a relatable and real way. When she does acknowledge her attraction she finds out that Adena actually has a longtime girlfriend. Kat eventually does make her feelings for Adena known and the two share a sweet and tender evening together at Adena's apartment. What The Bold Type also puts in their path is reality based obstacles as well. With the political climate the way that it has played out under the Trump administration it's difficult for the two to be together. Adena is Muslim and with the ban that has been put in place she isn't able to have the home she wants with Kat. The progression between the pairing has been bittersweet to watch. What makes them so polarizing is that they have gotten to learn and grow from each other. Kat yearns for an adventure and adventure is what Adena’s travels from a young age have taken her on. When Kat met Adena it was like waking up for the first time. Her way of life is turned upside down and she doesn't try to deny the unabashed intensity. The character development that we get to see from Kat is absolutely brilliant watching that build up. The Bold Type using their platform to explore, embrace and elevate the romance between two women of color in a positive and profound light has been one of the most incredible highlights of the series so far.

In episode nine of The Bold Type, Adena finds herself in New York to visit Kat after traveling from a trip to Paris, but she is forced to be sent back to her home country because of the ban. Kat isn't about to let Adena be alone and spend ten hours before her trip back by herself. She decides to take a leap and purchases a first class ticket which allows her access to the airport so that she can search out Adena. Throughout the episode there seems to be this incredible magnetism between the two and it leads up to them being alone together in a first class lounge. We see this stunning progression and then a crescendo of feelings that feels like an unstoppable force that can't be controlled or denied. They make love in the airport lounge and underscore that they don't need words to say what they feel. People always say that actions speak louder than words and the intensity of emotion between the two spoke volumes on its own.

Boosheri and Dee have this incendiary chemistry that seems to transcend their characters. The emotions that play in their eyes are so poignant and compelling. It's as if each one is pulled into one another's orbit. Even through heartache the two deliver such all encompassing and enveloping passion. The connection and chemistry has been so palpable and truly captivating to watch. They have this innate ability to draw you in and tell not just the stories shared on screen, but ones that are told between the hearts of the characters. Dee provides layers of vulnerability juxtaposed with Boosheri's depth of strength to provide a beautiful balance. The writers for the series don't shy away from giving the two complications, but they do so in a real world way that propels the storylines and doesn't try to avoid the suspense. It packs it on in a way where you never want to miss a tender or tumultuous moment. The pair have left me breathless each episode that they have shared, and I am hopeful that there can be a future for them that doesn't have to end in an ongoing heartbreak.

We continue to say that LGBT fans deserve better and with The Bold Type, hopefully, a springboard effect begins and we get a season two to see this couple continue to find that home is where the heart is. Kat may not be collecting many stamps on her passport right now, but she certainly is making a lot of memories that will be imprinted on her heart. Wherever The Bold Type takes us with these two, I am ready to follow. No matter what happens thank you to Aisha, Nikohl and The Bold Type for touching us when and where we needed it the most; right in our hearts.

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