On Sunday night, December 3rd, the universe is gifting us with a “Super Moon” which, according to scientists, will be a bit closer to the earth and therefore appear to be larger and considerably brighter than a normal full moon. I recall standing in the light of such a moon a few years back. I couldn't help but stare at it thinking, "Wow, that is really bright--I don't even need my flashlight." Knowing that the moon has no light of its own, other than what it reflects off the sun, I thought, "I am actually standing in the sunlight right now; what a metaphor for the inter-connectedness of all things--even when it isn't visible to the human eye.

After gazing at the moon for several more moments, I realized humans (and probably animals) had done the same thing for countless millennia...staring at that same mystical light in awe and wonder. In a heartbeat, I felt a kinship with humankind, animals, the planet, and an expanding universe that spans eternity. We are all part of something far greater than ourselves that extends far beyond our capacity to comprehend fully; something that affirms we are one with the sacred continuum of life--even if we can't always see it. With all that is going on in our world today which seems to contradict our oneness, that is something worth remembering: Despite all appearance, there is only One of us here. As a mindfulness practice make a date with Sunday night’s Super Moon and allow it be your teacher. You'll be amazed.

Peace, Dennis

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