A Poem for Hillary

Henry Fielding says, “Love and scandal are the best sweetners of tea.”  Let’s take those two ingredients and use them in life. The young, inspired woman has seen a few things, but she is ready to see more.  She takes each step knowing that it’s her turn to be the best version of herself.  She is now number one.

Accomplishment is her goal. One day, she clasps hands with world leaders and the next audiences jump to their feet cheering when she speaks.

Her ever-changing style. It makes her who she is.  Her personality is revealed in her clothing.  It’s not a costume but a second skin. Interpret it however you like!

Scandal may follow her.  But it doesn’t stop her. She holds hands with her family when people expect her to let go. It’s her connection with her loved ones that empower her.

All Hail to the Queen. During the day, lives like a leader, and at night she sips tea and takes it all in. She is sharp, innovative, and loving. Obstacles don’t get in her way; they help her to get where she is going. She is Hail Hillary.

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