A tribute to Teresia Teaiwa

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<p>Poet Teresia Teaiwa</p>

Poet Teresia Teaiwa

Victoria University of Wellington

Transcend Teresia

You transcend

Islands, scattered across the Pacific

Races dotted by ‘amnesia’

Voices, scathed by externals

You transcend

Pacific literature flaunted by giants

Poetry drenched in ‘coconut’ flavour

Woman, born of marawa

You transcend

Social media circles

Local values, marred by change

‘Estuaries’ bleeding your land

You transcend

Generations of Pacific writers

Professors, columnists and amateur poets

Aspiring capturers’ of mother ‘earth/father sky’

You transcend

Ocean, with your stretch of cognizance

Silence, with your confident prose

Death, with your voice, drenched in ‘mango’ flavoured truth

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