AB-CHAIN: The Future of Cryptocurrency Marketing

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This year proved to be an explosively expansive journey within the ICO (token offering/crowdfunding) industry. Currently, the majority of ICO companies are working at full tilt on the finalization of programs set for release early next year.

Research shows that on average companies spend up to 30 percent of their budgets on advertising, with some reaching as high as 50%.

The challenge that crypto-companies face is that traditional advertising networks don't accept any form of cryptocurrency as payment. This necessitates conversion from coin to fiat – a process where losses can exceed 40%.

AB-CHAIN will solve this problem by

(1) creating an advertisement platform specifically for organizations with crypto-budgets; and

(2) accepting the 10 most popular cryptocurrencies as well as AB-CHAIN token as a payment medium. In short, the platform will allow AB-CHAIN to offer a quick, simple way for advertisers to publish ads online without converting their budgets to fiat.

Why invest in AB-CHAIN?

AB-CHAIN is an industry leader in the decentralized ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The token can be used as a payment medium on the AB-CHAIN platform; yet perhaps its most interesting aspect is its growth mechanism. The AB-CHAIN commission fee will be burned, while the token itself provides a 50% discount, lowering the commission from the conventional 20% to 10%. This ensures that the more AB-CHAIN tokens are in circulation, the more are burned – which leads to a constant upward pressure being applied on the value, creating growth. The team predicts that by 2020 the simultaneous influence of multiple upward factors will multiply the price of a single token 216 times beyond its value at the beginning of trading.

For additional information on the mechanisms used by the AB-CHAIN team, visit the company's' website .

AB-CHAIN is a fully transparent organization that communicates efficiently, answering most questions within 24 hours. Constant communication makes the community stronger. See our site for a detailed explanation of our enterprise and the AB-CHAIN team’s plans for creating value for investors.

Presale Overview:

The company had a successful presale. Crowdfunding will be held in multiple stages. The team will move on to the next stage only if the goal of the previous one has been entirely met. The first round crowdfunding target cap is $1.5m, with a hard cap of $5m; 20 million AB-CHAIN tokens are to be sold at a crowdfunding price. The event will take place between February 19 and March 31, 2018.

In closing, a few words on the AB-CHAIN team itself.

The crew members have already created three successful advertising networks together: credit-land.com, an affiliate network in the United States with financial offers; creditcardsonline.ru, currently closed; and bonus.qiwi.com, a commodity advertising network. For them AB-CHAIN is not an experiment, but a case of applying a tested pipeline on a new and vastly more significant scale – one that aims to change the cryptocurrency advertisement market.

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