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Abercrombie Unleashes 101 Shirtless Models Onto Paris Streets (VIDEO)

So, we're slightly late to the pectorals party, but reports that Abercrombie & Fitch sent 101 shirtless models for a stroll in Paris to fete the opening of the brand's new flagship shop last Thursday. Blogger J.T. so poetically writes, "Like [a] scene out of Bruce Weber's wet dreams, the brand decided to 'accessorize' their new locale with models hanging by the store front and rooftop."

The jeans-and flip flop-clad guys gave out hugs and generously posed for pics with passersby. adds that there will be some shirtless men on staff year-round. We're just glad to see that some marketing strategies aren't lost in translation. Next up: padded tops de bikinis for 8-year-old filles!