Adopt These Video Marketing Strategies to Uplift Your Company's Image

If a picture is worth thousand words, let us do the math for videos.
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If a picture is worth thousand words, let us do the math for videos.

At 30 frames per second, every second of video is worth 30,000 words. For a 60 second video, the number turns out to be 1.8 million words. This figure was proposed by the Forrest researchers.

Now, let us understand the scientific fact behind the power of videos.

It's a human tendency to lean towards those things which involve less strain.

It is why we prefer watching a video over reading an article.

Here is the reason:

Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.

Here are some statistics which proves our inclination towards video content:

  • According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, IP video traffic will comprise 87 percent of all the consumer Internet traffic by 2020. Internet video traffic will grow fourfold from 2015 to 2020.

  • Retailers credit videos for boosting their sales by 40 percent.
  • Just by using the word "Video" in an email subject line, open rates and click-through rates jumps by 19% and 65% respectively.
  • In 2015, 100 million hours of 'how-to' videos were viewed on YouTube in North America only. There was 70 % year-over-year increase in videos searches related to 'how-to' on YouTube.
  • Outbrain surveyed senior-level brand marketers and agency executives for their State of Content Marketing report. They found out that 87% of the marketers focus on videos content.
  • Here are some Video Marketing Strategies for Boosting Your Image and Profits in the Market:

    Raising Brand Awareness

    Today, buyers want to invest in those brands who not only cares for them but also thinks about the society.

    They connect with those companies who cares about the environment, understand their role in raising the social issues.

    Let us understand the concept of mixing business and social values by taking the example of Jessica Alba's Honest Company. The company's goal is not only to provide family essentials at the doorstep but also to deliver safe and eco-friendly baby products.

    If your product has the potential to address some social or environmental issues, the video is an effective medium for translating your motive.

    Make a short film by giving a social message. Let your potential buyers know you are in the market for not only filling the pockets.

    Invite your customers to share the experience about the product. Ask them to come up with a video where they explain how they use your product. Don't just stop here. Involve them by rewarding the best customer's video.

    When customers help in brand promotion, the craze develops among the potential buyers.

    What is the prime reason behind this craze?

    The prospects realize they can overcome their issues by seeing the satisfactory responses from the buyers.

    So, a single video builds trust among your audience which helps in raising your brand value.


    Never make fake customer videos. Prospects are smart enough to differentiate between an actor and a real buyer.

    Showcasing the Benefits

    Accept this harsh reality:

    Consumers are not interested in your offer.

    You heard it right. Customers don't show any interest until there is something for them. Instead of investing time and effort in promoting the features, business owners must put more stress on highlighting the benefits.

    For this, explainer videos come as a great tool for elaborating the utility of your product. The ideal length of these videos should be 30-90 seconds.

    In this short time, convey the benefits of your product. Keep the following the questions in mind while framing these videos:

    What are the target audience's common issues or pain points?

    How your product can solve those issues?

    What will your audience get after using your product?

    "Videos gives you the chance to communicate your ideas in an engaging and informative way. It is a powerful way for increasing brand awareness and winning the hearts of the customers and prospects. Before making a purchase decision, buyers can easily educate themselves through videos and spend their hard-earned money wisely," Adam Lebenstein, founder, ASL Productions.

    Customers don't like to get into technical details. They just want to know whether the product has the potential to solve their problem.

    If you are a SAAS (Software-as-a-service) company, you can do three things:

    • Give a video tour of your software. Words can help them visualize about your software, but the video shows the real setup.

  • Create 'How-to' Videos to help users overcome any complex issues.
  • Create Video Case
  • Show Your Team Strength

    A company's long-term growth depends mainly on the following two factors:

    • Customer's faith in their product.
  • Employee's dedication.
  • Devote time listening to customer's needs, but your staff deserves the same attention. Don't build a paycheck relationship where there is nothing but a monetary bond.

    Everyone wants to have some name and fame. With a video, you can fulfill this wish of your employees. Introduce them to the public.

    Place their intro videos on company's about page. You don't have to worry about the video's content. Every person has a unique story. Apart from including work-skills, ask your employee's exciting off-work stories in the video.

    Create 'Behind-the-scenes' videos of your workplace. Let users know who are working hard to simplify their lives, who are spending most of the time in creating new ideas for them.

    These type of videos help in two ways:

    • Your clients will come to know more about your company.
  • Your employees will work harder because they know their company acknowledges their individual power.
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