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You Cannot Unsee The Air Sex World Championships (NSFW VIDEO)

The 6th-annual Air Sex World Championships reached its climax in New York City Thursday, when a handful of New York’s biggest libidos drank enough beer to get on stage and simulate sex. Alone. With (most of) their clothes on.

The nationwide tour -- which we’ve covered for years -- features a “sport” that’s a lot like air guitar, if you replace guitars with your imaginary friend’s air-privates and comedy. HuffPost videographers Oliver Noble and Ben Craw erected video evidence of New York’s night moves above, and we should warn you, it’s extremely NSFW and profoundly hilarious.

But why is air sex getting everyone so hot and bothered?

“The Air Sex Championship is not only the world’s greatest form of entertainment -- it’s also educational and inspiring,” the tour’s commissioner, Chris Trew, told HuffPost Weird News. “It’s a celebration of sex, a positive sex show. You’re making love to an invisible person or object.”

There are only two rules on stage at the Air Sex World Championships: all climaxes must be simulated, and there must always be another (imaginary) person on stage during your routine. A panel of judges -- featuring fornication legends like porn star Lisa Ann -- critiques each contestant, and the audience chooses the winner.

This year, Adam Wilson -- stage name “Tootenanny” -- was the crowd favorite and won for a second time, likely based on his weird prop. Watch the video above to see for yourself, and if you think you’re breezy enough to be a Casanova of air sex, sign up at a city near you next time.

Video by Ben Craw and Oliver Noble

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