Album Review: “Long Long Journey,” Deb Montgomery

Album Review: “Long Long Journey,” Deb Montgomery
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Long Long Journey/IMP

Deb Montgomery just dropped her latest album – Long Long Journey. From Canada, Deb now resides in the great Northwest, in Seattle.

Stylistically, Deb’s music is acoustic folk, which in today’s terms means contemporary folk music. Deb’s style reminds me of Joni Mitchell because of the way it feels and because of Deb’s voice, which is a light, airy, expressive instrument that can turn flinty when necessary.

Lyrically, Deb is probably one of the best songwriters out there right now. Her lyrics tell stories, speak of love and pain, but always with devastating eloquence. The lyrics make you listen and, more importantly, make you think as you do. And what I like the most about her lyrics is that fact that she is not afraid to dip her musical/lyrical toe into religion. This fact gives some of her songs a certain pious quality that is often missing from folk music in today’s world.

An example of her delightful and delicious lyrics:

No one ever tells you That Jesus drove a chevy They will tell you That he drove a limo To carry what was heavy What a crock! What a mocking of the real birds That fly

The album contains sixteen tracks, most of which are laid-back and easy listening, melodically speaking. As good as they are, I’d like to see what some of the songs sound like backed-up by electric guitars and drums, and perhaps ramped up a bit.

Deb Montgomery/IMP

My two favorite songs on the album are “Ask For Angels” and “From The Sky.” The former because it’s a beautiful, simple song of faith, despite what life does to you. And the latter because I like songs that speak of religion and religious personages, like Jesus, as real people. I mean she actually uses the term “hallelujah” in the song.

Hallelujah, See the drowning birds fly Hallelujah, How did you see me from the sky?

Good stuff!

The title song, “Long Long Journey” is another favorite. The melody is very simple; the tune meanders along, elevated by Deb’s guitar and novel voice. “Half Of” is another excellent song, as it juxtaposes “half” with “have,” a delightful play on words that’s not only relentless but carries a deeper meaning for the listener.

Long Long Journey, simply put, is an album that everyone should own, if only for the lyrics. And Montgomery’s voice is just the icing on the cake.

Find out more about Deb Montgomery here.

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