An Open Letter to London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the People of London

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Dear Mayor Khan and All Londoners,

During this difficult and painful time, please know that I, and possibly tens of millions of Americans like me, stalwartly stand with you and all our British friends.

For all Americans who share my prayers and support for your leadership, we recognize the complexities of combating the heinous enemies of freedom and democracy, and with resolute determination, we remain by your side.

As both American citizens, and members of an inclusive peace-seeking global community, we are confident your battle against the scourge of terrorism will result in a safer, more secure London, one of the most glorious and tolerant cities in the world.

Fear now is not an option, and for everyone around the world touched by the terror acts of these misguided souls, we, like you, will not bend, we will not break. Today, we require the large-scale leadership of nonviolent possibilities, not promoters of perpetual horror and hostility.

Mayor Khan and all Londoners, may the creator of all beings bless you. I and others who pray for peace, proudly stand with you.


Robbie Vorhaus