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And the Match Study Says: Single Men are Equally Interested in Marriage as Women

For women who are worried that their hope of marriage and children are fading away, I've got good news to share with you today.
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For women who are worried that their hope of marriage and children are fading away, I've got good news to share with you today. has released results of their "Single in America" study just in time for Valentine's Day. The study clearly revealed that 33% of both men and women want to get hitched. In addition, more single men without children under the age of 18 (24%) want to have children than the women surveyed (15%).

This isn't just any ordinary study. Match claims it's the largest and most comprehensive study ever done in America and that everything you think you know about singles is simply wrong.

"I'm amazed this study hasn't been done before but in my literature search I've found nothing as comprehensive," says Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and chief scientific advisor for and who led the study.

Is love at first sight cliché and dated? Not according to this study, which claims that men are more likely to have experienced love at first sight, as well as being more open to introducing a date to their parents sooner than women.

Dr. Fisher adds, "This survey busts some entrenched myths about women, men, sex and love. In fact, today's singles are returning to dating patterns that are highly compatible with our ancient human brain...With a few remarkable exceptions: men are now expressing some traditionally female attitudes while women are adopting some of those long attributed to men!"

If you're waiting for your guy to say, "I love you" this Valentine's Day and think that putting a ring on your finger will shortly follow, buyer beware. The Match study, confirms a theory to a certain degree that some men will say those three special words just to get a woman into bed. Only 14% surveyed think it means "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" and only 19% say it means "I want to have a committed relationship with you."

Dr. Fisher appeared on Good Morning America where she said, "The single most interesting thing in the study is that 35% of men and women had initially met someone who they found not attractive and eventually later fell passionately in love with them." She added, "Think of reasons to say yes to a second date."

The takeaway from Dr. Fisher, "Singles are very romantic." On that note, Have a Happy Valentine's Day and find a reason to say yes to someone who asks you to be his or her Valentine.

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