Don't Hit Guys Who Fly Drones, Because They Are Definitely Recording You (UPDATED)

A woman was arrested at a Connecticut beach after she was filmed striking a 17-year-old boy who flew a quadcopter drone.

She has been identified as 23-year-old Andrea Mears. In the early moments of a video recorded on the victim's iPhone, Mears can be heard on the phone, ostensibly with police.

She claims that the teen in the video had been "taking pictures of people on the beach."

The teen holds onto pieces of what appears to be the disassembled drone while Mears strikes him. He yells several times for her to stop assaulting him, but she continues, eventually ripping his shirt. At one point the victim appears to pin the alleged attacker's leg between his legs.

"That's what you get, you little pervert!" Mears yells.

According to Daily Dot:

The man who was attacked also posted the video to YouTube, where there are other videos of him flying the drone over the same beach, without incident.

Text on the video claims that Mears "was under the impression that she had an expectation of privacy on a public beach," and that the video saved him from arrest because the woman told police that he had assaulted her.

CT News reports that Mears was arrested by Environmental Conservation Police on May 12 and charged with third degree assault and second-degree breach of peace.

UPDATE: June 12 -- The teen in the video has since come forward and launched a crowd-funded campaign to bring a civil lawsuit against Mears.