Naked Man Shot Dead After Biting Teen Was 'Something Out Of A Zombie Movie'

When a naked man with "super human" strength went on a violent rampage late Tuesday night, a witness said deputies may have only had one option.

"This is kind of like something you see out of a zombie movie," witness Mario Grein told the Sun-Sentinel "They had no choice. They had to take him down."

On Wednesday, police in Florida identified the nude man who deputies shot dead as Anesson Joseph, 28, according to WPTV. Police say that the 6-foot-3-inch, 250-pound man bit a teen's face and attacked a retired cop before charging at deputies in West Palm Beach.

When Grein's son, Tony, saw Joseph threaten his 16-year-old sister, the older brother lunged himself at what police believe was a drug-fueled attacker.

Tania said Joseph nearly grabbed her hair, but she managed to run into the house and alert her father while Tony was battling with the much larger man.

“I think I would be dead or raped, or something bad would have happened to me, if my brother wasn’t there,’ Tania said Wednesday. “I feel like my brother is a hero.”

Joseph's father could not believe his son would act so violent.

"That's my first son, and now I lost him. If I knew he was in the street, doing something, selling drugs... I don't feel bad like that. But I know I got a good one, never been in trouble," Anes Joseph told WPTV.