Passenger Accused Of Masturbating 4 Times On Southwest Flight

Antonio Sherrodd McGarity allegedly admitted to the public masturbation and told FBI officials he thought the whole incident “was kind of kinky.”

A Southwest Airlines flight from Seattle to Phoenix turned into a touchy situation after one of the passengers reportedly pulled down his pants and masturbated at least four times in front of a female passenger during the three-hour flight.

Antonio Sherrodd McGarity was arrested in Phoenix when Southwest Flight 3814 landed at Sky Harbor International Airport.

According to an arrest document obtained by the Daily Beast, McGarity admitted the public masturbation and said he didn’t do anything wrong.

He added that he thought the whole incident “was kind of kinky,” according to the document, which gave only the man’s name.

Shortly after the plane took off, McGarity allegedly “exposed his penis by pulling down his pants and shorts and began masturbating,” the document said.

The woman seated next to McGarity reacted by taking pictures of him engaged in the act. After he fell asleep, the female passenger told a crew member about her experience and was allowed to move to another seat.

The woman later told Phoenix police officers that she saw the man masturbate four times using both hands. She also suspected he reached orgasm at least once since she saw him licking a white substance from his fingers.

McGarity allegedly admitting masturbating to orgasm to FBI agents and said he asked the woman who reported it if she minded him doing it. He said the woman simply put her hands in the air and said, “It really doesn’t matter.”

McGarity faces charges for lewd, indecent or obscene acts on an aircraft, according to Seattle ABC affiliate KOMO.

In addition, Southwest said it has placed McGarity on a no-fly list, which means he’s banned from traveling on the airline for life.

You can see the criminal complaint below.

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