Apology Flowers: Sign At Florist's Asks 'How Mad Is She?'

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In the midst of scanning Reddit late last night -- as we are wont to do -- we clicked on a photo tagged "awesome sign from florist" which turned out not to be so awesome after all.

The sign asks, "How Mad Is She?" before offering different size arrangements for different levels of anger -- you know, a single rose if you were late to dinner, a small bouquet if you forgot your anniversary and a large one if you, like, slept with her best friend.

Way to reenforce the idea that women's anger can be diffused with flowers and thus isn't anything to take too seriously. Why actually talk to her about what upset her when you can just buy her something?

What do you think? Is this sign all in good fun or does it encourage the same ol' angry women stereotypes?


how mad is she flowers

[h/t Reddit user oktob3r]

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