'Arrested Development' Cast Does The Chicken Dance At New Yorker Festival Reunion (PHOTOS)


At the New Yorker Festival's "Arrested Development" reunion Sunday evening, an audience member bravely stood up and requested the cast do the chicken dance. There was a lot of nodding and cheering, followed by an expectant pause. Would they? Wouldn't they? Jason Bateman kindly offered that they would perform like monkeys for us at the end of the evening, and The Huffington Post was there to capture the magic. Clearly, Gob and Lindsay are the stars here (note: Tobias takes a backseat), but unfortunately there wasn't much "caw-caw"-ing involved. Check back tomorrow for a full recap from the first "Arrested Development" reunion since 2005, and more from The New Yorker Festival.

UPDATE: See video of the Chicken Dance from the reunion:

Now remember the Chicken Dance in all its glory through this montage:

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