Asia Walker Crashed Into House While Getting Carnal With Boyfriend In Car: Police

Carnal Couple Crashes Into House

Their night started with a bang, and ended with a bang.

A Florida couple allegedly getting intimate in their car smashed all the way through a Daytona Beach home on Friday, according to WESH.

Police say Asia Walker, 30, and her boyfriend lost control of their loins -- and their 2007 Hyundai -- at about 5:30 a.m.

"She told the investigating trooper that her and the boyfriend were getting a little amorous and the trooper suspects that's probably why she lost control of the vehicle," Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Kim Montes told the station.

Walker slammed into the home, which was unoccupied at the time, in a crash so powerful the windows on the other side of the house blew out, NBC-2 reports.

Walker was injured by falling debris and taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises, the Daily Mail reports. Her boyfriend, Charles Phillips, wasn't hurt.

Walker was charged with careless driving.

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