Where you look is where you go. Whatever you put your attention expands and impacts what you experience and create in your life. 

Consider: Where are you looking?  What are you paying attention to? 

When we allow ourselves to engage in worry, obsessing or regret; our attention quickly slips away from the type of thinking that supports our intentions.  When we are distracted by social media, reality TV, advertising and the gazillion other stimuli that compete for our attention, we diffuse our focus from the things that are most important to reaching our goals.

You may have the best intentions in the world but without focused attention, they are just good ideas rather than your reality.

Attention training is different from meditation because it is solely about building your focus muscle. It is not about connecting to a Higher Power or your intuition. You do not need a quiet place to practice. In fact, it is even better to do your attention training in noisy places for the added challenge!

Why this matters is because the ability to focus your attention on what you choose is not only fundamental to your success, it is a key to your well-being. What we pay attention to can either deplete us or bring us more peace, productivity and prosperity.  However since our monkey minds can be so easily distracted, they need training!

Your mind is a terrible boss but a great employee. Attention training is a way to make your mind work for you in an optimal way.

I have committed to practicing attention training three times a day for 5 minutes at least five days a week. I have already seen an increase in my ability to focus on what matters most thanks to learning this process from Scott Coady, founder of the Institute for Embodied Wisdom.

Oh and don’t stop meditating!! Consider attention training another tool to add to your optimizing your life toolbox.



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