Australia Zoo's rare white koala gets a name (PICTURES)

A few months ago a rare white koala was born at the Australia Zoo. Tourism Australia helped promote a naming campaign on Facebook for the little tyke.

Her name is Snow. She is not an albino but a white koala. Dr. Rosie Booth, the zoo’s wildlife director, said the rare white coloring is referred to as the ‘silvering gene.’ Had Snow been born in the wild, her white coloring would have made it difficult for her to survive.

Dr. Booth said that the recessive gene “where animals are born with white or very pale fur” is similar to baby teeth. Snow will eventually shed her white baby fur, and will have the same colored fur as other adult koalas.

When planning your trip to Queensland, Australia, be sure to include the Australia Zoo in your plans. I met Dr. Booth in 2016 when I went to meet Peta, a wild koala the zoo saved after she was hit by a car in New South Wales.

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