Barry Black Prayers On Shutdown, Senate Chaplain Says, 'Save Us From The Madness'

As the government shutdown continues with no end in sight, Senate Chaplain Barry Black beseeched the Senate to see reason as he prayed, "Save us from the madness" during the prayer opening today's session.

That wasn't all he had to say about the shutdown, which has paralyzed many government agencies and furloughed thousands of workers.

Mark Knoller of CBS News tweeted that Black prayed, "Deliver us from the hypocrisy of attempting to sound reasonable while being unreasonable."

Though Black's prayers are usually fairly apolitical, the shutdown and the lead up to it has prompted him to speak out more strongly than usual, as he prayed on Friday, "Lord, deliver us from governing by crisis, empowering us to be responsible stewards of your bounty."