Watch The Deleted Scene 'Batman v Superman' Needed To Actually Make Sense

Holy deleted scene, Batman!

So, you saw "Batman v Superman" this weekend like the rest of the human race and have a few questions. Can I get my money back? Why, Zack Snyder, why? WTF was Lex Luthor talking about? Did we really need to participate in dream therapy with Ben Affleck's Batman?

We'll leave the answer to some of those for the history books, but a deleted scene titled "Communion" released by Warner Bros. on YouTube Monday might help clear up some confusion.

*Spoilerphobes beware*

Lex Luthor's plan (can we even call it that?) comes together once he hijacks General Zod's crashed Kryptonian ship with a computer that claims to hold boundless knowledge about many different worlds. "Tell me everything," Luthor demands, according to Uproxx. But before we find out what exactly Luthor learns, the scene cuts away from the exchange, exemplifying why nothing makes sense in this movie.

By the end of "Batman v Superman," Luthor is in prison babbling about a presence bound for Earth and seems to be very in the know about a potential threat for our DC superheroes. But Batman, as well as the audience, doesn't know what he's talking about, so he just bounces, leaving Luthor to rot in prison.

Enter this new deleted scene, which extends Luthor's Kryptonian lesson and puts Batman's apocalyptic dream sequence into focus. In the scene, Luthor is submerged in some Kryptonian goo as what looks like a SWAT team breaks into the ship to presumably arrest him. Instead, they come across some sort of demon figure controlling presumably three Mother Boxes, aka alien supercomputers, before the demon quickly dissolves into thin air.

Many Internet theorists are claiming that this demon is the big bad himself, Darkseid, whose Omega symbol made an appearance in one of Batman's many dream sequences. Others think that the figure might be one of Darkseid's generals like Steppenwolf, his father Yuga Khan, or some other future villain.

Whoever the demon is, after watching the scene, it now makes sense why Luthor is so intimately aware of a looming evil presence bound for Earth and why there's heavy Darkseid imagery in the film.

Now sleep tight, Batman.

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