Bear Family Pool Party Is The Cutest Backyard Invasion Ever

"They took my floaty!"

Here's one way to make the August heat bear-able.

A New Jersey family received an unexpected visit when an adult bear and five cubs crashed the pool at their Rockaway Township home -- and all the action was caught on camera.

"I thought maybe they were going to get a drink... and then move on. But they pretty much started climbing in," homeowner Tim Basso told News 12 New Jersey.

The family watched as the bears had fun splashing around and playing with pool toys. The fuzzy visitors also made use of a nearby play set.

"They took my floaty!" one of the Basso children can be heard exclaiming in the video.

Basso said although the pool and some of the toys were damaged, overall, the bears weren't terrible guests.

The family called 911, but there was little the police could do, WPVI reported. The bears left on their own after about an hour.

It's not only New Jersey bears that are enjoying taking a dip in neighborhood pools. A Canadian man filmed video Monday of a bear swimming in his in-ground pool in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

"It’s just amazing," homeowner Tony Diering told CTV. "You see funny things on YouTube, but to have it happening in your own backyard..."