Ben Affleck To Direct 'American Bullshit'?

Ben Affleck took on bank robbing criminals, and now, he may take on Congressional criminals.

Deadline is reporting that Affleck, who scored a major hit with his second directorial effort, 'The Town,' is perusing a number of projects to bring to the big screen, including one called 'American Bullshit.' The script is on the annual blacklist, Hollywood code for top scripts that were not produced in the last year.

Deadline quotes the blacklist description, which calls it, "the true story of Abscam, the FBI's 1980 undercover sting operation of Congress to root out corruption which was the brainchild of the world's greatest con man."

Abscam, an FBI sting that went down between 1978-1980, involved the FBI creating a fake sheikh who offered members of congress illegal political donations in exchange for favors, including the granting of asylum.

A major scandal, it ended in the conviction of a sitting US Senator and five members of the House of Representatives, all of whom either resigned or were expelled.

Affleck is also considering directing and starring in 'The Trade,' about two Yankees pitchers who swapped wives in 1973 (Affleck is a well known Red Sox fan) and 'The Replay,' about a radio journalist that becomes young again.

He next stars in 'The Company Men,' a tale of unemployment and overcoming obstacles. It is scheduled to be released on Friday. Click here for an exclusive preview.

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